The country’s prosperity and stability and the continuous improvement of its economic level have promoted the vigorous development of business, and it has also enabled all walks of life to adopt a prosperous attitude. The composition of business, in addition to financial, industrial, agricultural, production and service participation, is more the participation of small businesses and micro companies.

Small and micro enterprises are an indispensable part of business, but they often encounter unpredictable difficulties and obstacles in business development. Although they have state support in terms of funds and policies, they still have difficulties in specific operations. In order to further assist the development of small and micro enterprises, Weilun launched the Tsim Sha Tsui shared space service in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of ​​Hong Kong to provide financial services for small and micro enterprises to provide professional services.

Tsim Sha Tsui is strategically located with many commercial buildings and convenient transportation. It is Hong Kong’s most prosperous shopping and business district. It is the dream of many companies to have a set of offices and conference rooms. However, if the purchase method is adopted, it will undoubtedly make small and micro enterprises worse, and the way of leasing can provide enterprises with a stylish facade and independent office while reducing capital expenditure.
In the shared space service, Weilun also provides conference room rental services. When important meetings are held, small and micro enterprises without suitable conference rooms are provided with conference rooms of different sizes such as 10 people and 30 people. The conference room was held at the best price to make the meeting a success.

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