A well-respected stage performance, in addition to the superb performance of the actors, but also a tacit understanding of the stage set, the stage set as a finishing touch. Just like on the stage of the Spring Festival Evening, the actors performed in excellent performances, and the background also showed different background states with the different performances and performances of the actors. It can be said that a good stage set is a repertoire of actors’ performances.

In the early performances, the stage set was also relatively simple. People pay more attention to the shaping of the characters. Later, with the changes of the stage, people are not only pursuing artistic performances, but also pursuing perfect stage effects. Therefore, the transformation of the set is required. Some performances need to be made by backdrop, which is suitable for the theme of the performance, such as a peacock dance. Then the dancers can play with the dance action, and the set can put the peacock on the screen, which will add a lot to this dance. It can also be said that it is the highlight of the whole dance. The excellent setting will make the whole performance more graded, and let the actors play their talents and show better performing arts.

As people demand more from the party, the set production is more and more high-tech, and the stage effect of the show is presented at any time and any place. The appearance of the dance design will also bring a better visual experience.

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