Many expectant mothers are very concerned about eating health during pregnancy, worrying about irregular diet, and unhealthy diet affects baby’s development. In view of everyone’s concern about pregnant women’s recipes, Xiao Bian also recommends recipes for pregnant women for everyone, and introduces healthy and nutritious foods that can be eaten during pregnancy and eat regularly.

Breakfast for pregnant women is suitable for whole-grain bread, adding a cup of milk, can not only add calcium, but also to replenish the morning vitality, whole wheat bread without additives, eat more assured. Eat at noon, you can mix it with meat, fish and seasonal vegetables. Fish can choose squid or grass carp, or lean meat. Vegetables can be soaked in salt water before cooking to remove pesticide residues on the surface. In the evening, pregnant women should not eat too much, you can pick up shrimp porridge, bone porridge, supplement nutrition and enhance resistance. There is no absolute recommendation for pregnant women’s recipes, but meals can be made for more than one day, and each expectant mother can also make choices based on personal preferences and the health of the food.

Pay attention to the recipe during pregnancy, then you should also pay attention to the daily diet when you are confined. The recipe for the month is recommended to have better food for the mother. You should eat less rice and eat more meals, you can eat millet porridge with eggs, it is recommended to eat less high-fat, high-calorie food. After childbirth, you can eat liver food to excrete the body’s lochia, then eat pork loin, lean meat and other metabolism, ordinary sea fish, fresh vegetables and nuts should be eaten more, it is also very useful for maternal recovery. Drink chicken soup with less supplements every day.

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