When we are going outbound, having a local calling card is the cheapest. How to save money, first we have to have a new travel phone card. The first method is to buy or rent a mobile phone in an overseas mobile phone shop. This kind of mobile phone will send free phone bills. When we use it, we should send text messages as much as possible. After all, SMS money is much cheaper than making a phone call. Secondly, we use VoIP, or other Voice software for online chat.

Third, changing the SIM card outside the country, the phone card is purchased overseas for the convenience of the Internet and the call, usually can be purchased in a convenience store or a store outside the airport, which can give you a lot of call charges. In addition, because the foreign wireless network coverage area is dense, you can consider linking wifi to the Internet. But there are also places where there is no network. If you want to go online all the time, it is recommended to buy a travel phone card. So even if there is no wireless coverage outside, we don’t have to worry about traffic.

When you leave the country, you should pay attention to the use of the travel phone card package, different packages for different charges, and purchase different phone packages in combination with your actual needs. For short-term, you can buy less traffic, or use less traffic, and so on. If you want to communicate your travel situation to family and friends in China, it is necessary to purchase a travel phone card.

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