The employment of foreign domestic helpers is more popular in Hong Kong. Most of them are from foreign domestic helpers. They have a low level of English, have a good level of nursing knowledge, and have a strong sense of service. They are very suitable for caring for the elderly and children. It is also favored by family employers in Hong Kong. So why is the rapid development of hiring foreign service in recent years, why is it so popular? What other employers are more recognized by employers in Hong Kong?

First of all, for the nanny in the Mainland, the English level is low and the good babysitter costs are high. I have hired Filipino maids and Indian servants because their native language is English and the English level is good. And the Filipino maids and Indian maids have a strict family tutoring tradition, focusing on the care of the family and the elderly, and are good at taking children and caring for the elderly. In recent years, the Filipino maids have acquired most of the market in Hong Kong. The emergence of the Indian servant service has made the two may compete with each other, but it does not affect the enthusiasm of the people for hiring foreign domestic helpers. Affordable and good foreign domestic helpers can save themselves a lot of trouble.

Most of the foreign domestic helpers have high academic qualifications, and they are honest and loyal. They will not do things that are sorry for employers, and they will provide services exclusively to employers. The Indian servant service also has professional training, a good sense of service, a fast integration of culture in a foreign country, and a proactive work. Many Hong Kong families like to hire foreign domestic helpers. In addition, Xiao Bian reminds everyone that when choosing a foreign domestic helper, it is best to go to a professional domestic company to arrange a suitable legal professional foreign domestic helper for you.

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