At present, Hong Kong has a very good policy. The elderly who are between 60 and 64 years old can receive social subsistence allowance. This kind of behavior is called the CSSA elders. This is a life guarantee for the elderly in Hong Kong. But in the past, this will be Asking the elderly to provide proof of whether their children have financial assistance, which also makes the elderly feel ashamed, so the CSSA elders are often rarely handled. Although Hong Kong has set aside this policy, there are still elderly people who are not very If the willingness is old, the Hong Kong Government will study this policy and will complete the CSSA elders in a better way.

In fact, Hong Kong’s economic level has always been very good, and it is relatively open-minded. Therefore, few CSSA recipients have handled it, but it has no effect on the lives of the elderly. Many elderly people will choose to go to the elderly to support their elderly. The elderly in Hong Kong’s elderly homes occupy more than half of Hong Kong and provide a certain guarantee for the lives of the elderly.

Of course, the charges for residential care homes are very affordable in Hong Kong. There is no high standard of fees. This will also bring a greater source of customers to the elderly. It will also provide a lot of help in the elderly homes, as long as the elderly need it. Will meet their requirements, basically allow the elderly to spend their old age, showing that the elderly in Hong Kong are still very happy in their later years of life.

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